About RoEduNetID

RoEduNet Identity Federation is established at the Agency for Administration of National Informatics Network for Education and Research (in Romanian short name „Agenția ARNIEC – RoEduNet”), which represents the Romanian NREN. RoEduNet is the name of the network, used since its beginnings in 1990s, although the name of the institution managing it changed several times since then.

RoEduNetID started back in 2014 as a non-formal setup, which aimed to ease institutions’ access to available resources within a project called AnelisPlus. One of this project tasks is offering access to scientific literature available in portal’s project, on authentication and authorization basis. For this role, SimpleSAMLphp application was installed and institutions with centralized authentication systems started to join. No formal signed documents or other such engagements were established between parties at that time.

RoEduNetID Identity Federation has 12 institutions (updated 12.03.2021).

Inquires about RoEduNetID can be directed to eduid@roedu.net.