RoEduNetID Federation sets here eligibility criteria that determines who is able to become a Federation Member and who is able to act as Home Organization. Responsibility for setting membership criteria rests with the RoEduNet management and may be revised from time to time.

Identity Providers

RoEduNetID was developed for users in the education and research community of Romania. Federation operator of RoEduNetID is the Romanian NREN, RoEduNet. Being connected to RoEduNet is giving automatically the right to join and use RoEduNetID, but exceptions can occur.

Service Providers

As an identity federation is meaningful without services, RoEduNetID will normally accept SPs that are offering services for education and research community. However, RoEduNetID reserves the right to refuse applications.


In order to become a Federation Member, an organization applies for membership in RoEduNetID Federation by agreeing to be bound by the Federation Policy, in writing, by an official representative of the organization.

Each application for membership, including (if applicable) the Identity Management Practice Statement, is evaluated by the Federation Operator. The Federation Operator presents a recommendation for membership with an evaluation report to the RoEduNetID SC, who in turn decides on whether to grant or deny the application.

If the application is denied, this decision and the reason for denying the application are communicated to the applying organization by the Federation Operator.


A Federation Member may cancel its membership in RoEduNetID at any time by sending a request to the Federation Operator. A cancellation of membership implies the cancellation of the use of all federations Technology Profiles for the organization within a reasonable time interval.

The Federation Operator may also cancel its participation in the Federation, by announcing the termination date to the Federation Members. Until termination date, Federation Operator shall run the Federation on best effort basis. After the termination date, Federation Operator shall cancel the use of all Federations Technology Profiles for all Federation Members.